About us

Infomart founded in 1993, is the Technology Division of the 68-year old Jairamdas Group. An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Infomart India is headquartered in Bangalore, the Technological capital of India.

Our family owned, professionally managed structure enables us to offer the best of both worlds to our stake holders - our clients, our investors, our team.

To serve our global customers better, we follow continuous improvement process and scale to meet the increasing demands of our clientele.

We have three companies to facilitate our geographical spread:

Infomart (India) Pvt Ltd., based in Bangalore, headquarters of the Infomart Group. Global delivery center for our customers.

Infomart Technologies, based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, Texas, USA, which facilitates our North American operations.

Mission and Vision

We will provide a work environment that creates and fosters a spirit of Excitement, Teamwork, Innovation, Trust, Accountability, Excellence, Self-improvement and Open Communication.

We have an aggressive growth philosophy, which reflects the spirit of free enterprise and maximization of long-term profits, the best motives for creating mutual benefits for customers, Infomarters, vendors and the communities in which we are located.

We will operate safe, clean, efficient facilities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

We will place into society, assistance for those who suffer, hope for those who may need inspiration and education for those who may feel the challenge but do not have the means.

Corporate Value

We believe that highest ethical and moral standards are the foundation of good business policies and we will operate with Innovation, Integrity and Intellect.

We recognise the basic contribution of each individual and will provide opportunities for personal growth and development. Benefits and compensation will reward performance.

We strive for participative management and Infomarter involvement at all levels because each Infomarter is a stake holder in our business and a vital part of our family.

We prize Intellect and those who provide it and we recognise that service to our customers, is the lifeblood of our organisation.

We shall be intolerant of obstructive bureaucracy and boundaries, in our quest of excellence. We subscribe to these principles and strive every working day to improve their application.

Team Values

We owe great allegiance to the team of wonderful Infomarters, our extended family of loyal and dedicated employees. Infomarters continually maintain high levels of professionalism and commitment to our commercial objectives and, at the same time, to our customers, our vendors, to each other, the environment and our neighbours. It is a privilege to see Infomarters reach goals they never thought were attainable and to succeed on challenges they never thought were surmountable.

Infomarters are among the best and brightest in the industry. They operate under the 5-D Leadership Motto - "We Dedicate ourselves to consistently Delivering our stake holders maximum Delight, with absolute Devotion to our creed and constant Determination to face any challenge."

Whether they are a design engineer, software developer or tester, application engineer, accountant, marketing manager, customer service representative, or an office assistant, each Infomarter is determined to improve the world's quality of life.

Quality Policy

"To continually improve and deliver complete, competitive, error-free products and services, which maximise Customer Delight."

Quality Objectives

  • Understand and anticipate customer needs and deliverables.

  • Track technology trends and adopt relevant to the business.

  • Provide ongoing necessary training and tools to the associates to contribute to our quality effort.

  • Continuously improve service and process quality through measurements and process management.


Devesh R. Agarwal

August 16, 2004


ISO Certifcate

ISO Certifcate